Encore Associates


Welcome to Encore Associates Inc.,
a Nevada based company,
specializing in:

Encore Associates provides consulting services in the areas of
Marketing, Management, and Programs.

Services include: Sales and Marketing for opportunity discovery,
Proposal preparation and Pricing, Negotiations, Contract review,
Customer interface, Program Management, Data item submittals, etc.

Encore Associates provides
Worldwide Sales and Marketing Representation to:
Emhiser Research, Inc.
for airborne and ground telemetry products,
particularly their extensive line of Telemetry Transmitters.

Visit our Representation page to receive a complimentary:

Telemetry Parameters Tool

Encore Associates, Inc.

Philip H. Tannenholz, President

   10600 Amber Ridge Drive, Unit 101
   Las Vegas, Nevada 89144, USA
   Phone: 541-855-1494
541-840-1139 cell

   Email: phil@encorenevada.com

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